It’s almost 2023 and wow, what a year 2022 has been.

  • First year of being a father.
  • First year of owning a house in Austin, Texas.
  • And first year of our new transition into the NEW and improved Dripify.

We’ve gone through a lot of growth pains and transitions, but we’ve finally found our destination and clarity. Let’s discuss what we’re doing.

But first, let’s discuss the new landscape of where marketing is going.

2023 – We Hate Marketing, Too

This is our new tagline…for a couple reasons.

First, we realize that most small business owners actually hate marketing. We do, too…but for a different reason. Most of y’all hate it because it’s frustrating trying to figure out what works for you. What’s going to bring in the cheddar.

We hate it because there are agencies and bad marketers out there that give marketing a bad name.

We’re here to call them out.

The agency model is just bad. As someone who owned and sold two agencies, there is a much better solution for small business owners. There are a variety of reasons why agencies are bad…

  • Expensive
  • Don’t do anything really
  • Don’t know what they’re doing
  • Co-dependent relationship with clients
  • Don’t focus on the overall marketing system

The list goes on and you can read them here if you want. The point is that agencies are just dumb.

We are focusing on one thing.

To help you build out an entire internal marketing system that you can run

Yes. This is the answer.

80% of marketing is mostly “evergreen assets”…meaning that once you create them, you only need to tweak at most. Not re-create. The other 20% is activity-based such as posting new social content.

Most people focus on the 20% (and don’t even do all of it really). This includes agencies. Agencies focus on 5-10% of what is actually needed. And it’s a co-dependent relationship because it’s all activity-based services, not assets.

This is why marketing is frustrating to most.

Marketing is like a car.

The situation is this mostly…

You try a marketing strategy/tactic for a couple months. It didn’t work. So you stop it and try another. Then another. Rinse and repeat.

Marketing is like a car. Imagine a garage full of car parts strung out all over the floor. What you’re doing is just picking up one part at a time and seeing if you can drive with it. You can’t. Duh.

The Car

Marketing requires a variety of different “car parts” that are put together to complete a full “car” (or system). All those parts need to communicate and operate together in order for you to drive the car out of the garage.

The Driver and Driving Activity

Like a car, marketing requires a driver to actually drive it. This is the activity-based stuff I mentioned before. You are the driver. Without the act of driving, your car won’t go anywhere. 

Same goes for the car. You can be the driver and “drive” out of the garage (hitch hike), but without the car, you’re not going far.

The Fuel

And just like a car, marketing requires fuel…aka advertising. You don’t want to be pushing that sh*t down the road.

The Maintenance

And you must perform maintenance to your marketing system, just like a car. This requires checking to make sure you are monitoring your performance, completing the checklist of activities, etc. (This is where a CMO or marketing coach comes into the picture)

The Pit Crew

And for some, it requires that you have a team in place to help you run the “car”. This can be employees or freelances or coaches.

To sum it up, your marketing requires FIVE things:

  1. The car
  2. The driver
  3. The driving activity
  4. The fuel
  5. The maintenance
  6. The pit crew

What are we doing now?

We simplified what we do, but the end goal is the same:

“To help small business owners create an internal marketing system so they don’t have to hire a joker agency ever again.”

We do this in one of three ways.

DRIP X – This is our new library of marketing courses, trainings, guides, checklists, planners, etc that is a complete self-paced hub for all things marketing.

DRIP Y – This is our group marketing coaching program that will help get you there faster.

DRIP Z – This is our only done-for-you program where our team will build out the entire marketing system for you in 12 months.

I didn’t want to go too much into detail about our new programs but people are going to ask, so there you go. All three have the same goal. The question is how much do you want us to help.

Everything I wrote above is the reason for the re-brand.

We have new core values, mission statement, vision statement, etc etc that you can read on our About page if you get bored.

The most important thing I wanted you to know about “2023 and Me” is the fact that the agency model is broken. You will see this message from me more than once.

New Year. New Mission. New Vision.


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