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Tuesday, March 7 at 1pm CST

Completely fill up your calendar with qualified prospects

Let me show you how I went from “chasing leads” to COMPLETELY BOOKED: a predictable process for consistent booked calls on your calendar.

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This workshop will show you the most non-sleezy way to get booked calls…in an automated way.

Getting booked calls (or inbound sales) is one of the most difficult and frustrating things in business. We all want to do our “craft” but none of us want to do sales. We get it.

What you’re probably trying (and failing):

❌ Cold outreach
❌ Facebook ads to “book a call”
❌ Google Adwords


with this one simple tactic that will create booked calls automatically for you.

Pay $7 and be like Richard Gillmore.

who the heck am i?

> I’m the guy behind Dripify.

> I’ve sold two marketing agencies.

> I work maybe 30 hours a week.

> I spend my time with my wife and daughter

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