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Lesson 1: Assemble Your Training

Assemble your training. If you've ever had a webinar that went wrong, it's because the audience didn't match the topic. In this module, you learn: How to choose an audience niche. How to choose a topic.

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Lesson 2: Content Prep and Pre-Building

This module will show you how to save HOURS of testing and frustration. Learn how to prep your webinar's content so it's valuable to your audience and will get them to take ACTION at the same time.

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Lesson 3: Webinar Structure that Sells

This is one of the most important modules in this course. This is the exact webinar structure to ensure high conversions for selling your product or service to your audience.

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Lesson 4: Create Your Outline

In this module, we create your outline for your webinar. This is important to do BEFORE you create your slide deck. That way you can focus on the content first before the design details.

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Lesson 5: Creating Your Deck and Bonuses

In this module, we take your outline and create the final design deck that your audience will see during the webinar. Design is super important because it will represent your brand. It's time to transfer your content to a slide deck!

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Lesson 6: Create Your Battle Plan

In this module, we are now creating your funnel to get people to attend your webinar! You will learn: How to generate registrations How to use email drip campaigns How to create the flow if even they did NOT buy

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Lesson 7: Traffic

In this module, we talk about traffic! There's nothing worse than going live on a webinar and there is NOBODY watching.

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Lesson 8: Tech Setup

Here's what you need to know about your tech set up for the day of the webinar. This will save you hours and hours of frustration so you can make sure your webinar runs smoothly.

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Lesson 9: Hosting the Webinar

In this module, we talk about where to host your webinar. We talk about hardware and other things that will help you create a smooth and professional webinar.

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Lesson 10: After the Webinar

In this module, you learn what to do AFTER the webinar and analyze your results to determine what you need to do next time!

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