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Build Trust

Video to build trust ✅ 
Designed to build trust first ✅ 
Personal introduction ✅ 

Create Desire

Create a “before” picture to relate to user ✅
Describe an “after” picture to create desire ✅
Use of visuals such as videos or photos ✅

Ask for the sale

Asking for the sale is critical ✅
Make it very clear with a button ✅
Bonus tip: have an upgrade offer ✅

Capture Attention

✅ Designed to capture attention
✅ High-quality photo or video to peek curiosity
✅ Call-to-action for a lead magnet

hook the emotion

✅ Use wording that brings up an important topic
✅ This topic will spark the user’s emotion
✅ The first call-to-action button

What’s included?

✅ Create a list of features that’s included
✅ List the benefits to solve user’s problems
✅ Show that they are not alone (community)

Drip Convert™️

Custom Website (designed to convert)

You get a custom-branded website that is designed to convert traffic into leads

Lead Magnets

Integrate your lead magnet opt-in pages to help build your email list

Sales pages

Custom sales pages to help promote your services or products


No big upfront fee. No long-term contract.

When you pay, you agree to our legal agreement.



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