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I know you are frustrated with getting ranked on google.

“i’m doing all the things but still not ranking.”

This means your competitors are still doing more than you.

“I am not sure what my last SEO company did.”

The answer is probably nothing. :/

“How do i know you won’t rip me off?”

We just won’t. Because we’re not assholes.

Search Engine Optimization is a chess game.

SEO is a chess game. Everyone is doing the same thing but some of them are making moves about three steps ahead of you. Not only do you need to know what moves to make, you need to know when to make them and you need to have more pieces on the board.

this is how not to get ripped off

Here are all the seo stages:

Keyword Research ▶ Onpage SEO ▶ Directories ▶ Google My Business ▶ Social Influence ▶ Content Strategies ▶ YouTube SEO ▶ High-Quality Backlinks!

There are many parts to getting ranked high on Google (and other search engines, duh). Not that you need to know all the technical aspects of SEO, but you do need to know how NOT to get ripped off by other SEO “experts”. 

Just watch the video.

I will say this once.

I know my shit.

I’m sure you see it all the time.

An ad of a guy who is boasting how they can get you 50 leads a week. I am not that.

I am not a “lead generation guru” making false promises. It’s not that I don’t believe they are lying. It’s that I believe there’s a better way to do it.

Also, this is not a typical SEO service.

Most of them only optimize the site and then tell you to blog.

Nothing wrong with that, but so much stuff is missing!

Why should you trust me? I’ve built and scaled businesses multiple times. I have started, grew, and scaled four businesses (and even sold a 7-figure marketing agency).

The Mechanic


This $1,950/month investment includes:

($2,500 if you don’t have your website with us)

High-Quality Backlinks!

This is 70% of good SEO and that’s why I listed this FIRST. Through our partner network that we’ve built up through the years, we will find high-quality websites that have good (real) traffic and negotiate on your behalf to get them to feature your website on theirs. This is the real way to rank.

Keyword Research

This is where it starts. By properly researching the keywords, you can have a proper strategy in place. Otherwise, you would just be shooting before you aimed.

On-page Optimization

All your data tracking systems are in place. This includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Facebook and Instagram Pixels, and other social media pixels.

User Experience

The user experience on your website is super important and affects so many different things that can affect your rankings. AKA…make it easy as hell for users to find what they’re looking for.

Google My Business

You know that business profile that shows up when you search for a business on Google. Yeah, that’s it. Let’s make sure that’s complete and optimized. Oh, and we go ahead and update another dozen or so smaller directories.

YouTube SEO

We just don’t get why people would ignore YouTube. It’s the 2nd largest engine…owned by Google.

Content Strategies

Yeah, sure. We think blogging is important. And we also know you aren’t going to write those articles yourself. Let’s be real. We have writers that will handle this for you and they are all optimized and uploaded to your site.

VIP Community

You’re not alone. Join my VIP elite group of other entrepreneurs who are wanting to scale their businesses. 

Let’s go.

We legit only have five spots. This isn’t some bullshit marketing tactic. It really is five.

Update as of January 2022 — I only take on 5 of these clients per year and are on a “first come, first serve” basis.



No long-term contracts.

Yep, we got rid of the damn things. We want you to stick around because you like us as people, our designs, and our f*cking lightning fast communication and service.

24-hour response time.

This surprises us. The #1 reason people come to us after leaving their current web designer? Because it takes them weeks to respond to messages (if ever). We respond within 24 business hours.

Weekly Updates.

We work on your stuff every single week. Then we tell you what we’ve done. Just plain and simple.

No big deposits.

We don’t require a big deposit on the front end and another on the backend. Cashflow is important to you. And it’s important to us. We’d rather have the monthly fee.

we’re in austin, texas.

No, we don’t use virtual assistants from India or the Philippines for $3/hour. We also don’t use brand new college grads who…are less experienced. We’re mostly based in Austin, Texas (except Adam, Tennessee) and we’re all salaried employees. That’s the same place as Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, and absolutely most importantly, James Van Der Beek.

you don’t do it yourself.

Sure, if you want to do all the SEO stuff yourself because we’re too expensive, we’re good with that. We’ve even written up a “Complete SEO Checklist” guide for you to download for free here.

You ready to sign up yet?

keep going? mmmkay. 🙂

8 years in.

We look like a startup. We act like a startup. Okay, Dripify is only two years old so we’re a startup technically. But our CEO, Clay Mosley, started as a web designer in 2014. That is…*counting fingers*…eight years. We aren’t going anywhere.

you would hang out with us.

We’re not a bunch of corporate, faceless robots building out your website. We’re really fun human beings who like coffee, dogs, cats, beer, wine, traveling, video games, board games, dancing, tacos, and the occasional karaoke.

Let’s go, dude.

still not convinced? keep scrolling.

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