Getting more Google reviews is simple, right? Yes, it is.

But I get this question sooooooo often from clients and I thought I would address this “problem” and tell you exactly how to get more Google reviews from your clients.

(Plus, you’ll look like a baller when you have 539 5-star reviews on your Google Business Profile.)

Step One — Complete your freakin’ profile already.

This seems like common sense but I see unfinished profiles enough to have to mention it here.

➤ All your business information (office hours, address, phone, etc)
➤ Photos — All the interior, exterior, branding, etc.
➤ Bonus points if you get a 360-degree virtual tour.

Step Two — Create a Review Page on Your Website

Sure, you can grab the direct share link from your GBP page and send that to people, but I think a review page on your website is better for three reasons:

1. It’s aesthetically better than just the Google review link. It’s much more professional looking to send them a link that says instead of

2. It gives them a clear choice with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Obviously, no business owner wants a negative review BUT if you do have someone that is unhappy with you, you want to know why they are unhappy with your product or service. This is super valuable information. That’s why it’s important to have a feedback form when they click on the thumbs down icon. If they are happy, it goes straight to the Google Review link.

3. You can re-target them. If you can get them to visit the page, you can run a re-targeting ad campaign. This is not a “how to run ads” post but you can get even more sophisticated and run a re-targeting campaign CONDITIONAL to their choice! (whhhaaaaat?!)

Step Three — Automate. Automate. Automate.

With all the marketing automation software out there, there is absolutely no reason for you to not have automation in your processes (except for ignorance and stupidity).

Let’s pretend you don’t have automation. Let me give you a cliffnotes version of how to do it (because, again, this is a post about how to get Google Reviews).

1. Whiteboard your processes on paper. Or literally a whiteboard. You must absolutely IGNORE all software in mind. Ignore what you currently have in place and ignore those “shiny objects” that all your friends are telling you to switch to.

2. Choose an automation software that fits your processes. Not the other way around. I’ll repeat. Do not change your processes based on what automation software you buy. That makes zero sense. There will be a learning curve with building out your automation but it will be worth it. (side note: I recommend Keap or ConvertKit)

3. Ask for Google Reviews in your processes (at the right times). You can do this with both automated email drip sequences and SMS marketing. For example, as soon as you complete a project for a client, you can apply a tag to them that will automatically trigger an email asking them to leave a review. Another example is if you are, let’s say, a chiropractor, you can have that sequence start after they complete a care plan.

Now, I’m not going to get into how to set up a full marketing automation system, but if you are interested in just having us build out an entire marketing system for you, click here.

Step Four — The best for last. Personalized Outreach.

I really did save the best for last. Even if you don’t know how or have the investment to do marketing automation, you can do this step.

And it’s actually the best method in my opinion.

In the past, I’ve seen clients (as well as myself) try services and “review” softwares but none of them work as well as personalized outreach.

This is simply sending the client a very simple email. This is NOT sent in bulk with your email marketing software. This is an individual email that you send to the client.

Here’s how to do it.

Subject line: Favor

Body: Hey [first name], can you do me a huge favor? Would you mind leaving me a Google review. I will be super grateful. Thanks!

Then sign off.

That’s it! Leave it super simple and short. You will be so many responses and reviews from this.

How to get google reviews

Okay, that’s it! These steps will get you a shit ton of Google reviews this year. If you like this post, be sure to subscribe to our email list to get notifications on new blogs.


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