Earnings Disclaimer

Our laywers told us to create this page.

You can read all the legal jargon below that we don’t even understand, but our lawyer says that it’ll protect us in certain situations that we hope we never find ourselves so that we don’t have to pay our lawyer again.

At Brand Lab, LLC (dba DRIPIFY®), we are dedicated to helping you achieve success through our marketing education and services. However, it’s important to understand that your success depends on various factors, including your dedication, effort, and ability to follow our advice.

No Guarantee of Results or Earnings

While we strive to provide you with the best possible tools and guidance, we cannot guarantee specific results or earnings. Success with marketing, as with any business endeavor, requires consistent effort and commitment and patience. These are things that are out of our control and therefore, we cannot guarantee anything.

No Automated or Autopilot Success

There is no such thing as “automated” or “autopilot” success in marketing and sales. Achieving results requires hard work, continuous learning, and consistent testing. DRIPIFY® is a guide to help you along your journey, but it is not a substitute for your active participation and effort.

Average Results

It is important to note that, although we’ve had members have high success, this is not the average. The average member of DRIPIFY® achieves limited results. This is primarily because the average member chooses not to take action based on our advice. Success requires taking the recommended steps, staying motivated, and being persistent.

Individual Results May Vary

Your individual results may vary based on your unique circumstances, background, experience, and level of commitment. We make no guarantees regarding the level of success you may achieve.

No Professional Financial or Legal Advice

Any information provided by DRIPIFY® that may come across as “legal” or “financial” is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional advice. We recommend consulting with a professional advisor such as a lawyer, certified public accountant, or financial advisor before making any legal or financial decisions or investments.

Assumption of Risk

By using our services, you acknowledge and agree that you are fully responsible for your progress and results. You assume all risks related to your efforts and any outcomes that may occur as a result of your participation in our programs.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this statement, please contact us at:

Brand Lab, LLC (dba DRIPIFY®)

7000 Convict Hill Road #6206
Austin, Texas 78749 USA
Email: hello@getdripify.com
Phone: 1 (512) 761-8520

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