Marketing Release Agreement.

Our laywers told us to create this page.

You can read all the legal jargon below that we don’t even understand, but our lawyer says that it’ll protect us in certain situations that we hope we never find ourselves so that we don’t have to pay our lawyer again.

Agreement between User or event attendee and DRIPIFY® (

We may be documenting coaching calls and/or events with photos and videos for marketing purposes. We may use these for marketing to promote DRIPIFY® and future endeavors.

By signing up as an ongoing client or attending one of our events, you are granting permission to photograph, film, or otherwise capture your likeness and/or voice during a coaching call or in-person event, and you understand these materials may be used for promotional purposes. And you agree to release DRIPIFY® from any claims related to the use of these materials.

And any media (photos, video, audio) is owned by DRIPIFY®.

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Brand Lab, Inc (dba DRIPIFY®)
6306 Latigo Pass
Austin, Texas 78749

Email Address:
Telephone number: 512-761-8520

Effective as of June 1, 2024

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