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This will save you hundreds of hours of time and frustration.


These are all the email templates you’ll ever need. Save hundreds of hours of writing and frustration. Just copy and paste and fill in the blanks to make it custom to your business.

  Written in a Way That Sells!

  Attention-Getting Subject Lines

  5-Email Lead Magnet Drip

5-Email New Client Onboarding Drip

30-Email Evergreen Nurture Drip

Available in Both .doc and PDF



You want everything done? This is the package. It includes everything along with building it out and all email automation. 

  30-Day Turnaround

  Includes All Templates

  Email Automation Setup

  Runs in Background Once Done

  30 Free Days of Tweaking After Launch

  Must Have Active Campaign or Keap Account


why would i buy manudrips? let us tell you.

emails that are written with a copywriter is like having a kickass salesperson on your staff.

in the words of michael scott…”sex!”

On s7e4 of The Office, Michael yells out “sex!” to get everyone’s attention. That’s more like bait and switch but the point is that copywriting grabs people’s attention.

curiosity and the cat.

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. It keeps your readers reading and scrolling. We do that by stories, numbers, urgency, scarcity, or just maybe a gif of an actual cat.

squeeze them tears.

Every decision in the world is made by some sort of emotion. By a car, you’re happy. A private jet…excited. Insurance…peace of mind. Chiropractic…hope. A cat…maybe it’s curiosity. The fact is that we drive emotion in our words.

worst case. ugh.

Can you imagine what your business is like if you didn’t hire a copywriter and you have no email marketing? Your website doesn’t convert? You don’t have to imagine. That’s right now.

Success. You’re ballin’.

Now imagine that you are getting inbound business because your emails are working for you. That’s what it’s like to hire a copywriter. Who wants to keep going to those damn networking “leads groups” every week trying to get transactional business? We don’t.

Just ask. Really, we just tell.

You will get 48% more sales by simply asking for it. Straight up. Also, we don’t know if that statistic is actually true but we feel it is true. Asking for the sale and making it easy for someone to buy is part of the process. For example, click here to buy from us. Or click the button below.

You ready to sign up yet?

wondering if we’re too expensive?


Sure, you could hire someone on Fiverr. What you’re likely going to get is someone overseas who is looking to make a quick buck. From our experience, those guys (or gals) aren’t quite skilled enough to get inbound business like we do so they rely on sites like Fiverr. If that’s what you want, we will save you the trouble and link their site for you here.

one-off investment.

It’s an investment, not a cost. Stop thinking that way. Costs don’t give you a return. Investments do. That’s why it’s called “return-on-investment” and not “return-on-costs”. And the cool thing…once they are written, you don’t ever have to write them again.

competition? psh.

You think your competition is doing this? Haha. No! Quite honestly, your competition probably doesn’t even know what copywriting is. They probably think it’s has something to do with lawyers and the law. *bwahaha*

same old sh*t.

Your competition probably hired some cookie-cutter marketing agency who is using the same old sh*t for every single one of their clients. We don’t do that. Do something that your competition isn’t doing.

Let’s go, dude.