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The Perfect

Marketing System.

I help service providers transform their marketing into a legitimate, automated internal machine so they never have to rely on agencies ever again.

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I Have Achieved 7-Figure Revenue Using This Model

Nobody wants a sugar-coated version of the truth, unrealistic expectations, or a marketer that doesn’t understand sales & systems. Business owners don’t know what marketing agencies do, including agencies. Half the agencies out there employ people who don’t know what they’re doing.

This is why we created this model.

7 Figures a Year

It only took me three years to achieve over $1 million in annual recurring revenue. This NEW model is all about the things that worked and none of the things that didn’t work.

Perfect 1-year plan

This model shows how to achieve your perfect marketing system within just one year of starting. This is light years faster than if you were to do it on your own.

90% Automated

This model shows you how to set up the system to where it’s 90% automated. This allows you to not hire an entire team to run your marketing.

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Join the program that has helped dozens of other service providers build out their entire marketing system and on their way to $1 MILLION in annual revenue.

Your marketing system is like a car. It requires a lot of different parts to be connected and communicating together in order for the car to be driveable. Not only will our programs show you how to build out this “car”, it will show you how to accelerate it into hyperspeed.

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Hi, I’m Clay Mosley.

First, I’m a husband and father. Business is secondary. Now that we have that clear, let me share my track record so you know I’m a real person.

I started a marketing agency in 2015 after I dealt with too many bad agencies who either didn’t perform or just plain didn’t know what they were doing. With only about $1,000 in my bank account and a dream of becoming an entrepreneur, my agency was born.

In just 3 years, I turned my agency into a 7-figure a year business and then sold it in 2019. I have since sold a second business and now I consult for multiple businesses on turning their marketing into inbound machines.

Listen to these chiropractors, doctors, marketers, agency owners, coaches, and other service providers

This model works.

We have clients in a variety of service niches…

⚪ Chiropractors

⚪ Coaches & Consultants

⚪ Web & Marketing

⚪ Lawyers

⚪ Doctors

⚪ Dentists

⚪ Photographers

⚪ Videographers

⚪ Trades

⚪ Small Businesses

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the curriculum

to the perfect marketing system

This marketing model is designed to skip 10 years of work and complete it in a year. We have tested this model thoroughly with dozens of clients over almost a decade. This model works.

Phase I: Sales Sprint — Months 1-3


Week 1

Data systems

Install and set up all your data tracking systems including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and social media pixels.

Week 2


Determine the “one thing” that differentiates you from your competition that they cannot easily replicate.

Week 3


Make sure the essential elements of your brand identity are locked in and unforgettable.

Week 4

Client Avatar

Learn how to narrow down your ideal client avatar so that you messaging is irresistible.

Week 5

irresistible offers

Learn how to craft irresistible offers to your ideal client that are no-brainers to purchase.

Week 6-9

organic lead generation

Learn all the strategies and tactics to generate leads organically without paid advertising.

Week 10-11

sales convert system

Execute the one or two sales systems that will bring in new clients now.

Week 12-13

Wake-Up Campaign

Use our proven email templates to wake up an old list and re-activate old clients.

Phase II: brand accelerate — Months 4-9


Week 14-16

Brand congruency

Make sure your brand is the same across all channels of marketing to help establish an iconic brand.

Week 17-23

Website & Funnels

Learn all the elements of a website that makes it convert traffic into leads and leads into clients.

Week 24-30


The new way of SEO. Find the golden keywords for instant traffic and scale it with artificial intelligence.

Week 31-34

Drip nurturing

Increase lead-to-client conversions with email and SMS evergreen nurturing campaigns.

Week 35-37

social media at scale

From long-form content to micro content, you’ll learn the easiest way to “Gary V” that social content.

Week 38

Branding amplified

Use all the ways of paid advertising to amplify your brand awareness of your business.

Week 39

re-targeting fundamentals

Stalk your audience on the internet until they eventually buy from you. This is re-targeting.

Phase III: hyperscale — Months 10-12


Week 40

Re-targeting advanced

Get more sophisticated with re-targeting ads to create 100% relevant ads to prospects.

Week 41-43

Paid Ads Channels

Expand your brand with other ad platforms including Google Adwords, YouTube, and TikTok.

Week 44-45


Know your numbers in your business including advanced data in web traffic, client acquisition, and financials.

Week 46-50

super fans

Turn your clients into super fans where they are loyal and they become referral machines.

Week 51-52

brand new strategies

All new strategies and tactics that further refine processes, retention, and sales.

the coaching

to the perfect marketing system

You have all the information you need inside DRIP X to build out your perfect marketing system. With DRIP Y, you can now accelerate the timeline by joining our group marketing coaching.

DRIP SCORE – 100% Trackable Progress

You get the DRIP SCORE, which is a trackable system so that you know what you’ve done and what you have left.

weekly entrepreneur mindset calls

Every entrepreneur goes through mental blocks and frustrations. Join us in a group mindset call every Monday. (Included in DRIP X)

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

These calls are workshop-style coaching calls. Join your other classmates and get all your questions answered. A new training tutorial is also presented.

1-On-1 Onboarding Strategy Call

After joining DRIP Y, a 1-on-1 strategy call is done right away so that you can start off on the right track.

1-On-1 Quarterly Strategy Calls

Every quarter, you get a 1-on-1 coaching call to ensure that you are still on track from your goals in the previous quarter.

Direct Access to Clay via Voxer

Got quick questions? Ask Clay on the audio app, Voxer. 

your 7-figure empire awaits.



Curriculum Only

  Lifetime Access to the Full Curriculum

  Weekly Entrepreneur Mindset Calls

  Access to Magic “Swipe Files” Library

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  Online Community of Entrepreneurs

✘  Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

✘  Weekly (Go) High Level Coaching Calls

✘  1-On-1 Onboarding Strategy Call

✘  1-On-1 Quarterly Coaching Calls

✘  Direct Voice Coaching via Voxer

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Drip Y

$1,500 Onboarding + $850/mo

Curriculum + Coaching

  Lifetime Access to the Full Curriculum

  Weekly Entrepreneur Mindset Calls

  Access to Magic “Swipe Files” Library

  DRIP Z Fly-In Events Included

  Online Community of Entrepreneurs

  Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

✔  Weekly (Go) High Level Coaching Calls

  1-On-1 Onboarding Strategy Call

✔  1-On-1 Quarterly Coaching Calls

✔  Direct Voice Coaching via Voxer

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