5 days to reverse engineering

your 2021 marketing plan

Only $49

what this challenge will reveal…

✅ How to create an entire year’s marketing plan
✅ Determine your marketing and advertising budget
✅ Determine which strategies to use

I bet you’ve experienced this…

You try different marketing strategies with ZERO results

Or you try different things spontaneously.

Or don’t even know where to start.

Good news!

You are about to be LIGHT YEARS away from your competition!

In just five days, you’ll learn how to put your entire marketing plan together so that you know exactly what to do for the entire 2021.

What people say about the challenge!

Join dozens of other entrepreneurs!

Dec 7-11, 2020

Reverse-engineer your marketing plan for 2021!

We have limited spots so be sure to sign up now!

It’s only a one-time payment of $49!

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Limited spots available



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