Just Choose a Website Plan and skip the sales jargon

You choose a design*. We build it out. 30-day turnaround-ish.

Custom Website

designed to convert

Starting at $397/month

  30-Day Turnaround-ish

  Secured and Anti-Spam

  Unlimited Pages

  Unlimited Content Updates

Custom Design

Email Captures

E-Commerce Website +$500/mo

Membership Website +$200/mo

$397/mo — Custom Website

$597/mo — Membership Website

$897/mo — E-Commerce Website



No long-term contracts.

Yep, we got rid of the damn things. We want you to stick around because you like us as people, our designs, and our f*cking lightning fast communication and service.

30-day turnaround-ish.

No more waiting around six months for a simple web design to be finished. Yes, that use to be us, but we re-vamped our infrastructure. Now we can crank them out within ~30 days (after you give us all your stuff, duh).

24-hour response time.

This surprises us. The #1 reason people come to us after leaving their current web designer? Because it takes them weeks to respond to messages (if ever). We respond within 24 business hours.

No big deposits.

We don’t require a big deposit on the front end and another on the backend. Cashflow is important to you. And it’s important to us. We’d rather have the monthly fee.

we’re in austin, texas.

No, we don’t use virtual assistants from India or the Philippines for $3/hour. We also don’t use brand new college grads who…are less experienced. We’re mostly based in Austin, Texas (except Adam, Tennessee) and we’re all salaried employees. That’s the same place as Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, and absolutely most importantly, James Van Der Beek.

you don’t build it yourself.

Sure, you could sign up for Squarespace or Wix and pay less than $20/mo. If that’s your budget, go for it. We love their products. But the caveat is that you have to drag ‘n drop build that site yourself. And let’s face it…you probably suck at design. We don’t.

You ready to sign up yet?

keep going? mmmkay. 🙂

Unlimited Pages.

We don’t limit your pages. We’re too lazy to count and keep track of it all. And quite honestly, you’re probably not gonna need 500 pages. But we just say unlimited so you have peace of mind and don’t have to worry about how much it’s going to cost to add a page.

Unlimited Updates.

You know what is the most annoying thing ever after a site launch? You still have to pay an hourly fee to request a change. Need to switch out a photo? Or change some text? Add a video? All included. And you get unlimited requests and you don’t have to worry about how much that sh*t is going to cost. Oh, btw, they’re usually done within 24-business-hours.

8 years in.

We look like a startup. We act like a startup. Okay, Dripify is only two years old so we’re a startup technically. But our CEO, Clay Mosley, started as a web designer in 2014. That is…*counting fingers*…eight years. We aren’t going anywhere.

re-fresh every two years.

We firmly believe that you should not keep using that same old headshot from 10 years ago. Same goes for your website. We come up with new designs all the time. And with your plan, you can choose a different one every 12 months…without the heavy investment each time.


We’re going to be upfront with you here. You do not get ownership of your design by default right up front. Transfer of ownership happens at the 24th month. Since this is a month-to-month agreement, you are not financially obligated to stick with us. However, this allows us to try to salvage the design if you leave us before 24 months.

you would hang out with us.

We’re not a bunch of corporate, faceless robots building out your website. We’re really fun human beings who like coffee, dogs, cats, beer, wine, traveling, video games, board games, dancing, tacos, and the occasional karaoke.

Let’s go, dude.

still not convinced? keep scrolling.


Step 1) Pay us money.

Step 2) We send you a short questionnaire.

Step 3) We design a mockup and you approve it.

Step 4) We build it out.

Step 5) Then we make it perfect and launch!

Let’s go

meet / the web team


/ A “Solid” Dude

Gandalf the Clay

/ A Real Wizard

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