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Austin, Texas

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Doctor, chiropractor, therapist, finance, insurance, or any other local or virtual service provider struggling to find new clients while being burned by marketing agencies?


Business coach, health coach, relationship coach, or coach in any industry and just can’t seem to find new clients consistently?


Course creator who invested a lot of time creator a brilliant course but no one is buying it? Or maybe you’ve listened to all the “online gurus” out there and none of their strategies work?

DROP: Client Acquisition

May 31-June 1, 2024
Austin, Texas

In this 2-day event, you’ll learn how to create a predictable, automated marketing system for obtaining clients.

💧Attract High-Qualified Leads: Craft a brand that prospects find irresistible.

💧Framework: Craft an offer and product framework that prospects want as well as turn clients into super fans.

💧Autopilot System: Turn your marketing into an automated system that runs in the background.

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DROP: Client Conversion

Date: Fall 2024
Austin, Texas

In this 2-day event, we will teach you how we are able to:

💧 Close sales without sales calls or DMs
💧 Close sales with a 80%+ close ratio
💧 Close more sales with higher prices

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DROP: Client Retention

Date: Winter 2024
Austin, Texas

In this 2-day event, we will teach you how we are able to:

💧 Retain a 98% retention rate
💧 Have an average client lifecycle of 3+ years
💧 Turn clients into super fans who buy everything

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