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Agencies are dumb.

Yes, we said that. The (general) agency model is broken. We know because we ran two of them (successfully) before selling. We know all the secrets and all the lies. And we’re here to revolutionize the rules of marketing.

imagine not having to rely on dumb agencies.

There are 112 things to do to create a complete internal marketing system for your business. That’s what we believe. Here’s the problem with the agency model.

❌ Agencies only do 3-5 of those things
❌ 90% of agencies are just terrible at producing results
❌ Even if the agency produces leads, you are dependent on them. Stop paying, the leads stop.
❌ They are expensive for a small business owner
❌ Half of them don’t do anything at all and still charge you
❌ They rely on volume of clients, not quality of work
❌ Employee retention is terrible. That affects you.
❌ Most are general agencies doing low-hanging fruit (website, SEO, social, ads)
❌ Agencies don’t look at your full marketing system to identify gaps first

Reasons to build out your own internal marketing system!

If you are a small business owner, it makes way more sense to build out your marketing system that you or your team can control and is not dependent on an outside organization.

Patch the Black holes

You can identify where people drop off in your client journey. This is the #1 place to fix. You’ve been filling a bucket with water that has holes in the bottom. Let’s patch.

Establish Your X-Factor

An X-Factor is the ONE thing that allows you to dominate your competitors and it’s something they cannot touch. 95% of you have it but are not using it.

Know Your Funnel

There are 5 stages of the client journey from prospect to raving fan. You will know exactly how many people are in each stage and this allows you to predict your growth.

80% automated

Most people don’t know that 80% of your marketing can be automated. Instead, they grind. Once you set up your systems, you’ll wonder why and how you did it before.

More Cost-Effective

Your investment will 100% feed your marketing system. Not to an agency who’s doing nothing. This is the dream, right? Duh.

You Are in control

Agency retainers are the same thing each month, regardless of your sales. With your own system, if you need more sales, you crank it up. If you have too much business, you crank it down. Simple.

Everything is on brand

Brand is everything. It’s reputation. Reputation creates awareness and raving fans. Agencies have to learn your brand and even then, they will never really know it because they are working with lots of clients. You know your brand. Agencies don’t.

It’s sellable.

Not everyone wants to sell their business, but you still need to grow it as if you do. Having your own internal marketing system is very attractive to potential buyers vs having to rely on agencies. And makes your business more valuable.

You’ll love marketing.

People hate marketing when it’s not working. Once you build out your internal system, it’ll start working for you and making money. Then you will absolutely love marketing. Who wouldn’t?

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Check out some of these actual results from using our strategies we teach

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Strategy Change: Social Advertising

We advised on some changes to make in a client’s advertising campaigns in imagery, headline, call-to-action, and audiences, and these were the results!

These are inbound leads!

Yes, this is an actual result

Strategy Change: Website Conversion

We make recommendations on a client’s website to change the design to optimize for conversion. The client changed nothing in marketing. Just changed the website and these were the results!

These are inbound leads!

Yes, this sh*t is real

Inside DRIP Y

Program Structure

Over-flowing on value.

DRIPIFY DASHBOARD AND DRIP SCORE  – It all starts with tracking where you currently are with your systems. You get our propriety system of tracking everything in order to complete your internal marketing system. And we see what your DRIP SCORE is to work to get it to 100%.

ACCELERATE YOUR MIND Live Zooms – Every Monday at 1:30pm CST, we host a live Zoom on all things for the mind. This includes, not limited to, entrepreneurial struggles and how to work through them without sacrificing home life.

ACQUISITION Live Zooms – Every Tuesday at 11am CST, we host a group call to discuss various strategies on getting NEW business.

REPUTATION Live Zooms – Every Tues at 1pm CST, we host a group call discussing strategies to turn your clients in raving fans.

“I’M STUCK” Open Q&A – Every Thur at 1pm CST, we host an open Q&A Zoom. Want us to review your ads? Landing page? SEO? Social strategy? We’ll workshop through it all. Not just concepts.

What else is included?

Over-flowing with service.

Drip X – You get everything in Drip X, which full access to our library of marketing courses and trainings and the Magic Toolbox (guides, planners, etc).

Drip Texts – Receive texts from Clay Mosley twice per week on the latest marketing tactics to try immediately.

Skool Community – As you go through curriculum, ask our team or other members any questions you may have inside our online hub (Skool)

Audio Support – Get direct access to Clay via Voxer for any quick rapid questions you have that can be asked over audio message.

Trusted Network – We don’t do done-for-you a la carte services, but we have a network of trusted partners. We can make those direct introductions.

No Contract – Stay in as long as you’re receiving value. Stop if you’re not.

✔️ Who This Is For

If this sounds like you, this is for you.

  • You sell a service
  • You have a team, small or large
  • Established business, usually 3+ years
  • Making between $10k-30k in monthly revenue (usually)
  • Will actually do the work
  • Show up on Zoom calls

❌ Who This Is Not For

If you fit any of this, this is not for you. Don’t waste your time or money.

  • You sell products or e-commerce
  • Corporation or large team
  • Making $50,000/mo or more
  • Wants to hire someone to do the work

Drip Z is likely a solution for you.

You made it this far. Join the future.

The investment is $850/month. No contract. Stay as long as you get value. Quit when you stop getting value.

Not everyone fits the program. That’s why you must book a call.

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